An Interview With Roxanne
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Interview – Roxanne
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Roxanne – Move Yuh Body (single)

Posted on October 22nd, 2020 by The Ark of Music –

Canadian artist Roxanne is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Getting her start as a classical and opera vocalist while in art school and later studying vocal performance at university, she’s gone on to create music as a part of three different projects in three completely different genres. She fronts and produces her reggae group, Nile Groove, and does the same for her neo-soul band, The Roxanne Project. More recently, she’s also taken to releasing solo work under the name Roxanne. She has two previous solo singles, Like Suga (2019) and Take a Ride (2020). Joining her discography this year is her newest single Move Yuh Body.

“I especially like the creative process of making my own original music. It’s a space where I can grow creatively by expanding my artistic skills, and also a space where I can express myself through sound, sharing my personal life stories and emotions.” – Roxanne

A true jill of all trades, Roxanne wrote, produced, and performed on Move Yuh Body, providing the vocals and synth parts. The resulting track feels like a complete party in just over three minutes – this song is sultry but exhilarating, vibrant but seductive. It has all the style and flair of some of the greatest hits of dance-pop artists like Jennifer Lopez and Paula Abdul.

Roxanne’s voice is the perfect match for this style of music, both alluring and smoky but not without energy. Move Yuh Body is the perfect blend of well-written, catchy music combined with a swanky night club feel. In fact, it all boils down to just one thing: this song makes you want to dance.

Not only are we totally impressed by Roxanne‘s expansive artist range, we’re also wowed by her ability to truly shine in any genre. Reggae, soul, and pop music have few parallels, but Roxanne has had no problem effortlessly moving between them, and this most recent single only serves to drive that point even further home. Move Yuh Body accomplishes exactly what it wants to: this is an unapologetically fun, endlessly danceable, electrifying tune that will have everybody on their feet in no time. Roxanne tells us her debut solo album Love Rebel is set for release in 2021, and if this is the kind of music we can expect from her work in the electro-pop space, we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Roxanne Makes Our Hips Sway on Latest Release “Move Yuh Body”

Posted by Buzz Music –

Roxanne is the Canadian songstress making a name for herself in the Contemporary world and Pop amalgamating corner-posts of the Music Industry.

Spinning together touchstones from genres diffusing the lines between Soul, Blues, Soca, and Afro, the Ottawa-based chanteuse has seen the release of two well-accepted singles thus far, and her captivating artistic presentiments are blessing us once more this month. 

With a soulful Tropicana vibe that paints this Tropi-Pop canvas, a blithe shade, “Move Yuh Body,” summons nostalgic vibes that channel Disco nodding synths and a ‘four to the floor’ soca backbeat that makes us want to dance. It’s an adventure that finds our singer scintillating between heavy-slapping hand-drums that adorn this club sized mix its world-music aesthetic. The most encouraging part of the track transverses the lines through monotonous and lands skillfully as infatuating diverse; and she wins us over with her hook’s melody when she sings, “let your body lose control and shake it some more!” 

Roxanne buzzes over her words with a sassy twinge, and as we dance along, she conducts us with her lyrics effortlessly: “get that body pumping, get your feet jumping, get that booty popping.” It transports us into an intoxicating state where we’re captivated by her spectacle as the expanses of “Move Yuh Body,” chug and pump the blood back into our bosoms. The experience renders like a savory testament to the impact we can expect on Roxanne’s World-sized Pop music productions.

Hello Roxanne, it’s great to have you back with us at BuzzMusic. What has been the most fulfilling thing about becoming your own artist, independent from the Music ensembles you’ve been a part of in the past?

The most fulfilling facet as an independent solo artist is having the freedom to be as creative as I want by having the latitude to put out whatever needs to be expressed within me without being limited to a specific music genre defined by whichever Music ensemble I’m working with.

How do you bring together all the cornerstones of your far-reaching Music genre influences in such a cohesive and blood pumping manner on “Move Yuh Body”?

I love to dance. I love listening to various music genres and have extensive experience as a singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist in multiple music genres, I’ve honed in on musical elements and influences I like in dance, electronica, pop, and afrobeat music genres, and fusing those together in “Move Yuh Body”, with the intention to create a space for listeners to have ultimate dance experience.

What will your approach be to keep your upcoming debut album, “Love Rebel,” adhesive in the way it flows and blends from one song to the next?

The songs of “Love Rebel” were written in the same time period; therefore were inspired by a unified sound. The songs featured on the “Love Rebel” album will appear in a chronological sequence unraveling an entire love journey, which will be adhesive from a lyrical and conceptual standpoint, but also adhesive from a sonic perspective as in each love journey, there is an emotional mixture of highs represented by upbeat songs and lows represented by songs with a chill vibe, ultimately creating an authentic flow that is “Love Rebel”.

Can we expect to see you collaborating with any exciting artists, producers, or visual artists, and are there any plans for a Video feature?

I’m always looking to collaborate with multidisciplinary artists, and yes, I’m planning some exciting projects for the future which will be shared with fans once I can make these collaborative projects official, but for now, I can confirm that my next collaborative project will be a music video feature for “Move Yuh Body” coming soon.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration for your music throughout the tough times the world is going through?

Considering these tough times gave me more opportunities for introspection as a result of all live music cancellations, I connected even more deeply to that place inside of me that is true, and that expression of truth brought solace which is reflected in the type of music, style, and sound that I’ve been creating during the quarantine. No matter what tough times life brings, I believe that every song is the silver lining that shines in the dark, and that is the reason why I continue to write music and share my music with others.

Roxanne – Move Yuh Body

Posted on September 2nd, 2020 by Zone Nights –

Roxanne, tiene muchas ganas de ser parte de tu playlist y es por ello, que nos comparte su reciente sencillo.

Si el pop es lo tuyo, entonces ésto te va a gustar.

Move Yuh Body, ya está listo para darle ritmo y energía a tu miércoles, suena bien y es ideal para cortar con la pesada rutina de la mitad de semana.

Move Yuh Body, se puede conseguir desde iTunes en formato digital.

Solo dale al play y no olvides hacerte de tu copia.

Es una presentación exclusiva de Zone Nights para Argentina.


“Take A Ride” with Roxanne

Posted on February 5th, 2020 by Filthy Riché –

Canadian Singer-songwriter, Roxanne, is a multifaceted talent.  In addition to her songwriting skills, Roxanne is also a music producer versed in number of music genres including classical, pop, blues, soul, disco, funk, and reggae.Her smooth and soulful vocals perfectly complement the song’s heartfelt lyrics like “I don’t know how much I can take” and “stay close to my heart.” Roxanne’s vulnerability on “Take A Ride” fully delivers on the pop elements. And the song’s percussiveness gives the track a “house” “dance music” feel. 

Before  dropping this single, Roxanne was known for her features on projects with accomplished local and international artists, and her original 2015 “Uncovered” album and her 2017 “Insatiable” album with Nile Groove, her Ottawa-based reggae band.The beautiful songstress is giving fans a whole new sound as a solo artist with the release of “Take A Ride.”

Diverse Diva Roxanne Releases Her Debut Solo Pop Dance Track “Like Suga”

Posted on July 23rd, 2019 by Buzz Music –

Residing in Ottawa, Ontario, Roxanne is a Canadian singer/songwriter, performing artist, recording artist and independent music producer. Undeniably gifted, Roxanne lives her passion through her music. Lead woman of her reggae band Nile Groove, Roxanne has performed in festivals, special events, and legendary nightclubs with the band. Now stepping up her repertoire as a solo artist, Roxanne is gearing up to release her debut solo pop and dance album titled “Love Rebel” in January 2020.

With a bold and daring new solo sound, Roxanne expertly blends retro pop and 80’s charm into a memorable pop/dance single “Like Suga”. Out now and available on all streaming platforms, “Like Suga” is an invigorating club vibe that energizes listeners out of their seats. Dance and groove along to Roxanne’s powerful vocal register, addicting melodies, hard-hitting bass and expert lyricism. Her whimsical love anthem “Like Suga” is sure to have any listener singing along to the infectious chorus. It’s hypnotizing and breathtaking all wrapped into one diverse soundscape. Roxanne’s vocal range and tone is finely-calibrated beyond our wildest dreams. I highly recommend you check out “Like Suga” and stay on the lookout for Roxanne’s debut album “Love Rebel” in January! A rarity in the music industry with her talent and versatility, Roxanne is only getting started.

Listen to “Like Suga” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Roxanne! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How long have you been involved in the music industry? How did you get started?

Although music has been a part of my life since an early age, I’ve been a professional music artist in the music industry in many different music circles for the past decade.

I grew up with an eclectic mix of music which has influenced my wide taste in music repertoire. Having a passion for music, I attended a vocal program at De La Salle High School, an accomplished Ottawa-based art school, and followed my studies completing my university degree in music education, and music performance at The University of Ottawa in classical music and opera.

Following my studies, I performed on prestigious stages throughout North America in classical music and opera, and further expanded my music repertoire by singing with various local groups and international artists covering different music genres including rock, pop, funk, soul, blues, R&B, afrobeat, soca, and reggae music. During this time, as I also had a hunger to write original music, I wrote many unpublished songs ranging in various music genres.

Growing particularly fond of reggae and funk music, I joined Nile Groove, an Ottawa-based reggae and funk band in 2012 as the lead singer-songwriter, and in addition to being an active performing artist on the music scene with Nile Groove; I wrote and produced two albums with Nile Groove entitled “Uncovered” released in 2015, and “Insatiable” released in 2017.

Realizing that I had a lot of original material in the genre of pop, I compiled my pop songs and recorded and produced my newly released single, “Like Suga” and my upcoming debut solo album “Love Rebel” at Ottawa-based Metropolitan Studios with Mixing and Sound Engineer, Jason Jaknunas, mastered at PHS Studio in Toronto by Mastering Engineer Waleed Abdulhammid.

Continuing my involvement in the music industry working with my band, Nile Groove, collaborating with other artists, and of course, releasing my new music as a solo artist, I look forward to my future contributions in the music industry as well as the creative opportunities ahead.

We love your debut track “Like Suga”!! Can you tell us the meaning behind the lyrics and what you hope your fans take away from this song?

In order to give the opportunity for fans to interpret the song, connect with the song, and take away from the song what they feel is relevant to their own life, I won’t give too much of the narrative behind my song as “Like Suga”, like all of original music is based on my own life experiences. In short “Like Suga” tells the story of a person who is awakened by another, and longs to experience a thrilling world of love and lust with them.

From an artist perspective, what’s your favorite part of “Like Suga”? Why?

My favourite part of “Like Suga” is the overall complementary contrasts of its fusion of music genres and blends.

It’s my favourite part because its fusion which includes my favourite musical elements of 70’s disco, 80’s synth-pop, 90’s dance music, and contemporary pop music creates a rich soundscape of music nostalgia and current pop music found in one song, and I feel that that diversity of sound can resonant with any listener.

What can your fans expect from you debut solo album “Love Rebel”?

Like my released single, “Like Suga”, my upcoming album “Love Rebel” is vibrant in sound and encompasses an infectious momentum of energy with its fusion of pop, dance, and techno music combining organic and electronic instruments, raw beats, invigorating rhythms, hypnotic bass lines, entrancing hooks, captivating melodies, commanding vocals, lush harmonies, dreamy lyrics, and epic attitude with the addition of a club vibe.

“Love Rebel” is sure to make fans bop, dance, and hit replay.

Do you have any upcoming events you’d like to tell our readers about?

As a music artist, I’m thrilled to participate in many upcoming local shows in music venues and festivals with Nile Groove, with collaborating artists, and with my own solo band under Roxanne.

However, I am most excited to share the following three big announcements with fans:

The first is the release of the “Like Suga” official music video coming in August.

The second is the release of my upcoming single entitled “Move Yuh Body” in September.

The third is the release of my upcoming album “Love Rebel” set for January, 2020.

For more information about these upcoming events and my new music, my new videos, and more, I would love for readers to connect with me on my social media platforms!

Review written by Paulina

Roxanne Experiments with Archaic Elements of Pop in Latest Single “Like Suga”

Posted on July 22nd, 2019

Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Roxanne has recently released her latest bass-driven Dancefloor Pop single “Like Suga”, mixing it up from the Reggae-infused soundscapes found in her 2017 album “Insatiable”. Yet, you’ll still find traces of Roxanne’s affinity for Reggae in the intricate drum patterns found in Like Suga.

Instead of trying to get ahead of the contemporary curve with her latest single, she’s allowed Like Suga to drip with 80s synth-led nostalgia. Expect big vocals and an even more vivaciously energetic offering of hypnotic basslines entwined with rhythmically relentless drum beats which are commanding enough to leave dancefloors transfixed. Anyone who appreciates powerful harmonies accompanying danceable rhythms definitely shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to putting this up and coming artist on their radar.

You can check out Roxanne’s latest single Like Suga for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast –

Roxanne – Like Suga

Posted on July 7th, 2019 by Nataliez World –

Roxanne, an Ottawa based independent singer, songwriter, artist and music producer, whose style is in short pop but with dance as well. Take for instance the club scene of the 70’s and 80’s and out of the many top 40 hit’s of those era’s and you end up with “Like Suga”. This being her newest and latest piece of works, it being said to be bold, daring, and a fresh single take on the pop/dance genres.

Upon listening in you do get those vibrations of the 70’s and 80’s slightly, the track’s music containing such momentum of energy. Whereas the vocalization provided is done clean yet upbeat in tone. The styling choice that Roxanne uses within this particular track, is familiar yet fresh as said about it already. Her ways with the beats of the music, just crafts together this mixture that makes it all work at once. Like how the vocal chords and music play off one another, the beats and voice just create this surging amount of energy that a lot of clubs would surely spin about.

The track pretty much just consists of everything, such energy, vocals that never seem to quit, and catchy harmonies with mesmerizing melodies that just bounce off everything else. In other words, it’s one of those tracks, you can easily get stuck in your head, but becomes a likable one. If at that, Roxanne as an artist with all else she does, makes this newest addition of material that more hype.

Roxanne’s track and material in general sounds a lot like Debbie Gibson mixed with Cherrelle. If you dug those chicks then perhaps you could get a little into Roxanne’s take of the pop/dance genres too. Her material has so much to offer as a whole, “Like Suga”, is another one of those tracks that will be remembered and danced along with for hours on end if not years to come.